Cobra ODE Firmware 2.0 излезе: 4.55 Bypass, LED Configuration, 4k Auto- Eject, и други   Leave a comment

Отбора COBRA  след доста закъснение се справи с ъпдейт 4.55 OFW  и пуснаха серия ъпдейти за устройствата ODE

Изтегли файловете за ъпдейт ЦЪК

cobra ode
New features in 2.0 fw:
On the fly generation of browser menu system (no pc app required)
LED configuration
Full 4k auto eject system added
XMB enabled passthrough system added, use of hardware switch not required
Configuration of eject delay added
AES performamce increased by 100%
Disc dumping via manager added
+ Many other tweaks and performance benefits added
Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.3
Cobra ODE MCU v2.0 * For PCB v3 / v4 / v4 QSV only *
Cobra ODE Manager v1.6
Cobra ODE Library v1.7
Cobra ODE Bypass 455 v1.0
Cobra ODE Database (28-02-2014)

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