PS3: StealthMan V4.50.02 (MultiMan CEX for 4.50 CFW’s), Rogero 4.50.1CFW, хакване на Сони Плейстейшън 3   Leave a comment

На 22 октомври излезе подобрен системен софтуер хакнат от ROGERO  ( CFW 4.50.1 )  заедно с него за безопасна онлайн игра излезе стелтнат Multiman менажер.  Спазвайте инструкциите по долу за да го инсталирате .
Системният софтуер  и Мултимен могат да бъдат изтеглени от ТУК
хакване PS3
rogero 4.50 ver 1.01
StealthMan V4.50.02 (MultiMan CEX DEX for 4.50 CFW’s)

Step 1:  Download and extract the files, Depending on the Firmware you’re running, Select the Needed MultiMan. Also the Stealth Add-on, Extract the Stealth files and plug in a USB Drive with at least 1GB of space.

Step 2:  On the root of the USB place the MultiMan V4.50.02 PKG and also the Report_Data.txt. Rename the MultiMan PKG as installPKG.pkg, leave the Report_Data.txt as is. Unplg the USB from your Computer and plug it into your PS3.

Step 3:  On the PS3, go over to the Game section on the XMB and locate *Install Package Files and locate the InstallPKG.pkg Press X to insall it and wait forit to complete. Once done Reboot your PS3.

Step 4:  After the Reboot, Go back to the Game section on the XMB and go to *Install Package Files again and hit the START button over the installPKG.pkg. It will say that „the Current version is already installed, do you wish to continue?“ hit yes and allow it to install. Once its done installing open Multiman.

Step 5:  Agree to the 3 pages of the Licence agreement when prompted and continue. Once you see the MultiMan logo and after it applys the Theme you should see a Refresh Logo pop up underneith it.

Once thats Completed you are running the StealthMan Version of MultiMan V4.50.02

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